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About US Ultrasound Services
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US Ultrasound Services is a fully certified ultrasound equipment service company. We have cross-trained service professionals that are certified in multi-vendor capacities. We provide ultrasound service for not only our own customer base but for the customer base of the Original Equipment Vendors as well (i.e. GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Acuson, HP, Philips, ATL and Toshiba).


Who We Are


US Ultrasound Services, located in the Cleveland Ohio area, is a remanufacturer of Used Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment. We are focused on reducing the risk and cost of the end-user from buying equipment from the secondary market.


Who We Are Not

US Ultrasound Services is NOT simply an equipment broker. Equipment Brokers find equipment from one location and drop ship it at another.

  • They DO NOT have a plan in place to reduce risk and simply transact business via "pushing paper."
  • They DO NOT provide a pre-purchased inspection.
  • They DO NOT take physical possession of equipment.
  • They DO NOT remanufacture the equipment.
  • They DO NOT have the equipment certified by the OEM.
  • In short, they DO NOT REDUCE RISK.

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What Do We Do?

US Ultrasound is in contact with virtually 14,000 facilities nationwide (ranging from Hospitals, Imaging Centers and Private Clinics) every 6-8 weeks. We know that every facility in our Database is doing one of three things: 1) looking to buy, 2) looking to sell or 3) simply staying the same.

When equipment comes up for sale we initially set up a pre-purchase inspection. We physically send one of our engineers to the site and they make a decision. 1) The equipment is ok to bring back to our remanufacturing plant for remanufacturing 2) we purchase the equipment exclusively for parts or 3) the equipment is in such bad condition that we don't feel there is a business need to secure the equipment.

Once we purchase an ultrasound, the equipment is tested, repaired, calibrated to exceed OEM specifications, we authorize a final a pre-shipment inspection and certification. This completely reduces the risk of buying equipment from the secondary market. It is this value added service that we provide that separates US Ultrasound from 95% of other companies.


Why We Do What Do We Do?

US Ultrasound Services does what they do for a very selfish reason. By adding value to our products and services this provides for a highly satisfied customer base. In return, creating a higher percentage of repeat business from our customers. We pride ourselves on our repeat business, and pay close attention to our customers wants and needs. Our initiative is to give them the best equipment while watching out for their bottom line.


Where Else Do We Source Equipment?

US Ultrasound sources equipment from 3 different areas. Aside from sourcing ultrasound equipment from our existing base, we work very closely with two other sources:

  • We've developed some exclusive relationships with some of the nations top leasing sources. Often what will happen equipment will come of lease either short term or the lease will simply expire. Leasing companies will contact us and ask us to participate on the back end of the lease, whereby we guarantee a residual market value on the equipment scheduled to come back to the leasing company.This is a very effective way for us to source "high end" equipment well below market.
  • Original Equipment Vendors will sell us equipment that they've displaced with a brand new system 


Call us today at 855-951-8787 to learn more. You'll never buy a new ultrasound machine again!






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