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atl 400c


The ATL HDI 400C is a highly affordable, high-resolution ultrasound with the enhanced imaging performance provided by an all-digital system. The 400C ultrasound system provides all-digital, high-resolution grayscale imaging with enhanced performance provided by Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI).


atl hdi 3000

 ATL HDI 3000

The ATL HDI 3000 ultrasound system is an exceptional general radiology imaging system that provides high quality ultrasound imaging technology to hospitals, doctors offices and Imaging center without the high cost. The ATL HDI 3000 uses ATL's High Definition Imaging (HDI) technology to digitally process more information than with conventional techniques.


atl hdi 4000  ATL HDI 4000

The ATL HDI 4000 ultrasound combines the power of HDI and Live 3D imaging in one great system. The ATL HDI 4000 system is a practical and affordable solution offering maximum clinical versatility and unmatched performance in 3D and 4D imaging.


atl hdi 5000  ATL HDI 5000

The new ATL HDI 5000 ultrasound brings together new ergonomics, a boost in processing power and revolutionary technologies. This machine is more powerful than ever. With a significant increase in processing power, system response is twice as fast with mode switching in half the time. This increased capability is designed for the latest generation of SonoCT and XRES imaging.



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