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acuson antares

Siemens Antares

The Acuson Antares ultrasound represents the complete ultrasound solution for your clinic or office. It is ready to perform any exam on any patient. The Antares delivers outstanding image quality, connectivity and scalability in a unique ergonomic design. MISA Beam formation with High-Density Active Aperture, Combined with Patented Precision Up-Sampling, Deliver ultra-fine analysis and digitization of raw signal data. Ensemble™ Tissue Harmonic Imaging for improved contrast resolution.


acuson sc2000

 Siemens Acuson SC2000

Delivering image quality that is second to none, the ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system is Siemens' most powerful, versatile cardiology platform, setting a new standard for advanced cardiology care. Using up to 64 parallel receive beams, the system delivers 16 times the processing power of a conventional system.


siemens g20  Siemens G20

The Siemens G20 imaging system supporting linear and convex transducers in the frequency range of 2.8 to 10 MHz. The operating system software supports all standard applications, exam specific imaging presets, measurements, pictograms, annotations, reports, worksheets and system diagnostics.


siemens g40  Siemens G40

Lightweight, compact and mobile, the G40 system helps you easily bring new clinical capabilities to more patients in less time. That means that its leading performance capabilities go wherever the need is - offering comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound exams to more patients in less time, in all clinical environments.


siemens g60

 Siemens G60

The Siemens G60 ultrasound system is a powerful, portable multi-specialty imaging platform that incorporates the latest generation, all-digital ultrasound technologies and proven innovations to provide excellence in all multi-specialty applications.



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