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mindray m5

Mindray M5

The launch of Mindray's M5, a new laptop-size ultrasound system, brings a new era of fully functional hand carried ultrasound equipment. With its small size, the M5 is easy to transport, increasing its versatility, including applications such as ambulances, gymnasiums, operation rooms, as well as in the field.


mindray m7

 Mindray M7

The Mindray M7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System is designed to meet the needs of clinicians' busy and challenging point-of-care environments. With M7's crystal clarity and crisp, clear image quality, it can perform any exam, from abdominal to vascular to cardiac, with efficiency and accuracy. Just by choosing a transducer, the M7 brings you more benefits in more ways than ever with wellness within reach.


mindray dc 3  Mindray DC-3

Introducing the Mindray DC-3, a small console diagnostic ultrasound system with big performance. The DC-3 enables clinicians to have comprehensive, quality imaging system that fits comfortably into their working environment. The CD-3's small footprint and multi-application performance create the ideal choice for any clinical environment where space is at a premium and quality performance is essential.


mindray dc 6  Mindray DC-6

The Mindray DC-6 ultrasound offers excellent performance and versatility through a complete range of imaging modes, software packages and transducers. This ultrasound system has been expanded to wider and more professional applications with features such as Smart3D, iScape View panoramic imaging, Free Xros anatomic M mode imaging, and trapezoid imaging.


mindray dc 7

 Mindray DC-7

Mindray's DC-7 is highly configurable, from dedicated use in a single department, or as a general purpose system for more complete hospital and point-of-care support. It also succeeds in pushing the boundaries of image quality, ergonomic design and simplified workflow to address more and more challenges.

mindray dp 6600

 Mindray DP-6600

The Mindray DP-6600 ultrasound diagnostic system is a sturdy, well-configured entry-level ultrasound machine. At just 22 lb (10 kg), it is easily portable. Its 10-inch noninterlaced grayscale monitor provides a clear, comfortably viewable image.

mindray dp 9900

 Mindray DP-9900

The Mindray DP-9900 is a black and white ultrasound system featuring digital beam-forming, dynamic receiving focusing, and dynamic frequency scan. It also features multi-frequency transducers, panoramic zoom in real-time and frozen condition, and built-in imaging archive for more than 100,000 still images.



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