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Acuson Antares

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Acuson



The Acuson Antares ultrasound represents the complete ultrasound solution for your clinic or office. It is ready to perform any exam on any patient. The Antares delivers outstanding image quality, connectivity and scalability in a unique ergonomic design. MISA Beam formation with High-Density Active Aperture, Combined with Patented Precision Up-Sampling, Deliver ultra-fine analysis and digitization of raw signal data. Ensemble(tm) Tissue Harmonic Imaging for improved contrast resolution. Multi-Dimensional Image Processor resulting in a revolutionary new ultrasound workstation.

The ergonomic of the Acuson Antares are designed to enhance operator interaction and increase workflow management. 15" high resolution, progressive scan monitor and control panel are user height adjustable for variable scanning positions. Repositional wrist-rest helps to reduce operator fatigue.



  • 2D
  • Lightweight multiple frequency and Multi-D(tm) Array Transducers provide optimal slice thickness for a wide variety of applications
  • Wideband Multi Hertz (tm) multiple frequency imaging expands versatility by covering a broader application range with each transducer
  • Virtual Format Imaging steers and explains the linear image display for greater information
  • Triplex mode
  • Biopsy software
  • Integrated read/write CD R Drive
  • Includes DICOM Print And Store
  • B/W SIESCAPE Software
  • Color SIESCAPE (tm) Software Option
  • Tissue Equalization Technology
  • 3-Scape Imaging
  • Cadence Contrast Agent Imaging
  • CLARIFY VE Option



3D, Live 3D/4D, Breast Imaging, Cardiac, Vascular, Breast Imaging, OB/GYN, General Radiology

Available Transducers:

CH4-1, CH 6-2, PH4-1, PX4-1, P10-4, EC 9-4, VF10-5, VFX9-4, VFX13-5, VF 7-3


Available Parts:

(Listed by Manufacturer Part Number)


Probes: Description:
4838848 VF13-5 Transducer
4838863 VFX13-5 Transducer
8264577 V5M Transducer, Shielded
7854149 PX 4-1, Transducer
7481919 C5F1-Transducer
7481935 C7F2-Transducer
7472256 CH 4-1 Transducer
7465672 CH6-2 Transducer
7466910 PH4-1 Transducer
5936237 VFX9-4 Transducer
4839473 VF10-5 Transducer
4839507 VF7-3 Transducer
4839549 EC9-4 Transducer
5936237 VFX9-4 Transducer
7472272 P10-4 Transducer


Common Parts: Description:
8264577 V5M Transducer, Shielded
7298289 Assembly,CARD CAGE
7298289 Assembly,CARD CAGE
7302149 Assembly, input/ output module
7303295 Assembly,TI board, 4D
7303659 Assembly, digital power supply (PSD)
7306041 PWA,Assembly,VIBRD/D
7472421 PWA,Assembly,BE_P2.61 BOARD
7476810 PWA,Assembly,RC BOARD,RCB/L
7478212 AC Tray
7481968 fourSight-4D-Schallkopf EV9F4
10032069 Monitor, Flat Panel , ANT-4
10033337 Assembly, Control Panel, Antares, ,A3.5
10033338 OEM, Monitor, Color SVGA 15
10033339 Mochida Monitor, Japan Only ,A3.5
10035299 RM165 Antares 2GB 2.8G P650 Cfg1
10035801 PWA, Assembly, VIBRD/E, Antares
10037087 Assembly, CB Board, Antares
10037776 RM165, Antares, 3GB 2.8G Cfg4
10040752 Assembly/2, TI Board 4D


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