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Acuson Sequoia 512

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Acuson



The ACUSON Sequoia 512 ultrasound is an ultra-premium system that utilizes revolutionary technology, dedicated to the advancement of diagnostic imaging. It represents some of the most advanced technology in ultrasound imaging. The Acuson Sequoia 512 has unparalleled imaging performance, greater image content, enhanced detail, superior contrast resolution & penetration, and excellent color Doppler sensitivity.

One of the best selling ultrasounds in the United States, the Sequois 512 provides superior imaging with Native Patient Specific Imaging that detects, measures and adapts (in real time) to each patient's individual acoustics.                      


  • 2D
  • SST Color Doppler
  • Color Doppler Energy
  • Color Doppler Velocity
  • Solo Spectral Doppler
  • M-mode and Color Doppler M-mode
  • MultiHertz Multiple Frequency Imaging
  • DELTA Differential Echo Amplification
  • Home Base user interface
  • One-Touch Image Control with exam and Image Presets
  • Digital acquistion, storage, review and transfer of static images, dynamic clips, and cine
  • Digital storage on an integrated hard disk
  • Digital transfer via MO Disk
  • Integrated Compression engine
  • Embedded DICOM conformance
  • Patient- oriented file structure
  • Native Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Tissue Equalization™ Technology (Optional)
  • Signature II™ (Optional)
  • Advanced Imaging package (Optional)
  • Auto Doppler (Optional)
  • Freestyle Compounding (Optional)
  • FreeStyle Extended Imaging (Optional)
  • 3D surface Rendering (Optional)
  • Cadence™ ADI (Optional)
  • Cadence CPS for 512 (Optional)
  • Axius™ Edge Assisted EF (Optional)
  • Doppler Tissue Imaging (Optional)
  • DICOM Print And Store (Optional)



General Radiology, Abdominal, Intraoperative Monitoring, OB/GYN, Neonatal, Vascular, Cardiac, Small Parts

Available Transducers:

4V1, 4V2, 8V5, 15L8W, 6L3, 8L5, 6C2, 5C2, 4C1, 3V2C, 5V2C,7V3C, EVC8-4V, EC-10C5, V5M TEE, V7B neo TEE, AcuNav Transducer, 2.0 Non Imaging CW Doppler probe


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