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Acuson Sequoia C256

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Acuson



The Acuson Sequoia C256 was a huge jump forward in image quality and features and remains a highly competitive system against even new machines produced today. Acuson's patented Coherent Imaging Technologies represent a revolutionary breakthrough in the way ultrasound signals are transmitted, received and processed. Characterized by a dramatic improvement in dynamic range, spatial resolution and frame rates, coherent images provide an unprecedented amount of new information in every image.

The ACUSON Sequoia C256 system supports all routine applications for adult, pediatric and neonatal cardiovascular imaging. This includes Transthoracic, TEE, Stree, Intracardiac, Intraoperative and 3 D Echocardiiography, routine and investigational Contrast Agent Imaging, Vascular Imaging.



  • 2D
  • Native™ Tissue Harmonics Imaging
  • DELTA™ differential echo amplification
  • Color Delta™ differential echo amplification
  • Space Time™ Resolution control
  • SST™ Color Doppler
  • SOLO™ Spectral Doppler (PW & CW)
  • Color Dopper: (Velocity, Convergent™ Color
  • Doppler Tissue Imaging
  • MultiHertz™ multiple frequency imaging
  • Vector™ wide view array imaging format
  • Home Base user interface
  • One Touch Image Control with Exam and Image Presets
  • ProtoCall™ Cardiac Calculation Package
  • Vascular Calculation Package
  • Digital Acquisition, Storage,review and transfer
  • Acquisition of static images, dynamic clips and cine
  • Storage in patient-oriented file structure
  • Tilt and Swivel progressive monitor
  • Integrated compression engine
  • Embedded DICOM conformance



Cardiac, Vascular

Available Transducers:

15L8W, 6L3, 8L5, 4C1, 4V1, 7V3C, 10V4, 8V5, 3V2C, 5V2C, V5M TEE


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