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ATL HDI 5000

Product Information:

Manufacturer: ATL



The new ATL HDI 5000 ultrasound brings together new ergonomics, a boost in processing power and revolutionary technologies. The new ATL HDI 5000 system is more powerful than ever. With a significant increase in processing power, system response is twice as fast with mode switching in half the time. This increased capability is designed for the latest generation of SonoCT and XRES imaging.

Now processing up to 9,216 channels per image frame with 170 db dynamic range, the HDI 5000 supports the latest technologies, including acquiring 9 lines of sight in SonoCT mode, and compounding them in real time - for images with exceptional clarity.



  • MicroFine Imaging uses numerous technical advancements to provide independent control over every aspect of beam formation and signal processing.
  • Broadband Digital Beamforming captures and preserves the entire signature bandwidth.
  • Short, broadband pulses achieve optimal frequency control and axial resolution.
  • Ultra-precise spatial focusing and advanced textural processing allow visualization of minute variances in tissue texture and subtle interfaces, increasing the quantity and quality of diagnostic information.
  • Dynamic receive focus realigns the digital time delays in the broadband beamformer every 32 microns of sound travel, for every transducer and every mode. This provides ultra-precise focal control for superior lateral resolution.
  • Precise broadband beam control enhances tissue definition by minimizing partial volume and beam slice thickness artifacts.
  • Advanced Extended Signal Processing fully uses the diagnostic information contained within broadband ultrasound signals to provide levels of contrast resolution previously unachievable.
  • Tissue Specific™ Imaging automatically optimizes thousands of beamformer and signal processing parameters for each scanning situation.



Vascular, Cardiac, General Radiology

Available Transducers:

L7-4, L12-5, C5-2, C4-2, P3-2, P5-3, MPT7-4, CL15-7, P12-5, C7-4, P4-1


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