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Product Information:

Manufacturer: GE



The GE LOGIQ 3 ultrasound is designed to perform a full range of clinical applications, from OB/GYN and neonatal to vascular and cardiac, yet is compact and portable enough for the private or mobile practice. The LOGIQ 3 delivers powerful features, a wide range of transducers, excellent image quality and all the reliability you expect from GE Healthcare.

The New GE LOGIQ 3 systems is an advanced ultrasound system so versatile and flexible that it can be used in a full range of clinical applications from OB/GYN, vascular & cardiac to neonatal studies. The LOGIQ 3 offers the most economical, compact and portable design-making it the ideal choice for office-based practices or wherever full-function ultrasound scanning is required. GE's exclusive raw data processing provides unprecedented flexiblity in manipulating stored images to assure diagnostic information is available and improves workflow.      




  • Fifteen-inch high-resolution monitor.
  • Integrated mode and gain controls help ensure fast and efficient studies. Simple, intuitive single-hand operation.
  • Two active probe ports for ease of use.
  • Ergonomic user interface, with standard, full-featured ultrasound keyboard, Highly-maneuverable, increases user comfort
  • Ultra-mobile, Four-wheel platform with front-wheel lock.
  • Small system footprint (19.7"w X 37.2"d).
  • Easy3D integrated for improved diagnostic confidence from viewing images in other planes
  • Virtual convex creates a convex field of view for a 30% increase in image size in linear transducers
  • Comprehensive reporting packages matched to your needs
  • Flexible on-board image management
  • Automatic optimization to improve image quality and consistency
  • Auto calculations and ASO for third trimester flow exams and measurement of PI in the umbilical artery reduce average Doppler exam time by 45%
  • Auto Doppler Calcs measurements of velocities and calculation of indices can be performed manually or automatically on the spectrum live or frozen
  • B-mode gain, dynamic range and gray scale maps to bring out subtle detail
  • Color invert, color maps and on/off capability
  • Doppler gain, baseline shift, sweep speed, angle adjust and spectral invert for Doppler optimization after scanning
  • Reconstruct a stored cine loop into a 3D image for virtual rescanning
  • Measurements without calibration



OB/GYN, Cardiac, Vascular, Neonatal


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