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Product Information:

Manufacturer: GE



With the introduction of the new GE LOGIQ 5 - GE Healthcare has expanded this new product line, based on the well established TruScan architecture. The LOGIQ 5 draws upon GE's Breakthrough technologies to deliver consistently excellent image quality, ease of use and access to advanced applications for the future.

As a result, the LOGIQ 5 addresses your need for diagnostic confidence, and offers excellent image quality for the highest demands. Based on leadership product technology, the LOGIQ 5 creates an entire new class of ultrasound, combining cost-efficiency and highest level of quality in a challenging clinical environment.      



  • Coded imaging technology allows the digital encoding and decoding of pulse sequences for optimized image quality in virtually every clinical application.
  • B-Flow - View true hemodynamic flow with improved high-velocity visualization
  • Coded Excitation - Improved resolution using higher frequencies that penetrate more deeply
  • Coded Harmonics - Codes with new harmonics that provide great contrast resolution for abdominal harmonic imaging
  • Coded Contrast - Coded Phase Inversion and Coded Harmonic Angio are unique code sequences customized for specific contrast agents and applications
  • Auomatic Optimization improves image quality and productivity in both B-Mode and Doppler studies.
  • Contact sensitive color touch screen simplifies system set up and control
  • Virtual Convex applies a convex field of view to linear and sector transducers
  • LOGIQView expands the imaging field of view during B-Mode scanning
  • Anatomical M-Mode provides accurate, anatomically correct measurements regardless of orientation
  • 3D choices, including Easy3D and Advanced3D, provide integrated 3D image rendering with 3D landscape technology



OB/GYN, General Radiology, Cardiology, Small Parts, Vascular, Pediatrics, Urology


Available Transducers:

10L, 12L, 5C, 3.5, E8C, 3C


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