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ge logiq 9



GE LOGIQ 9 Ultrasound Parts
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GE Part Number Description
5167953 19” LCD Monitor
5392293-21 19” LCD Monitor V2
5207000-39 Frame with LCD and TouchScreen
GA200302 LCD Mount Lock Assembly
5207000-33 Operator Panel Assembly, Upper
5207000-15 Upper Bezel
5207000-41 USB Connector Board
GA200448 Main Ctrl. Board w. USB Video Bd. And Cable
GA200392 Frame UI Upper Assembly
5207000-52 Operator Panel Assembly, Lower without trackball
5195937 Operator Panel Frame Assembly, lower
5207000-5 Improved Inductive Trackball
5341631 Optical Trackball
2404652-19 Concentric Encoder
5207000-29 Joystick Encoder
5207000-28 Lower Operator Panel Main-board
5207000-14 Lower Bezel
5207000-24 Button Cap Kit includes BFlow key
5207000-9 LE9 TGC Slide Pot Knob Kit -
GA200270-2 Button Frame UI Assembly
5189615 Probeholder Soft Insert Large
5189156 Probeholder Soft Insert Small
5245350-10 Gel Warmer Unit
5307243 Right Support Assembly
5307245 Left Support Assembly
5307236-2 Tray Unit Assembly
GA200743 Speaker Assembly
5207000-4 A/N Keyboard (English)
5207000-62 Lower Op Panel with BOURNS Slide Pots
5207000-14 Lower Bezel – Valox
5207000-38 Lower Circuit Board for OP Panel
GA200290 Bulkhead Board Assembly
GA200245 Front Casters
GA200246 Rear Casters
5145000-2 BEP with Extended Power Shutdown
5215286-2 Hard Drive
5393800-3 BEP PS
5141000-3 BEP I/O Board
5321212 BEP I/O Board - MRX
5135840 DVR Board
5301222-3 Front Module
5262021 Battery Pack Assembly
5380000-1 BEP 6.1 LOGIQ E9 Ichiro
5433408-50 BEP6.X HDD Assembly
5433408-30 BEP6.1 ChargeBoard Assembly
5205052-2 MAIN Power Supply
5205052-3 Alpha MAIN Power Supply
5205052-4 MAIN Power Supply no HUB.
5205052-99 Fan Assembly, MAIN Power Supply
5171608 UPD-897 Sony BW printer
2401985 Color Printer UPD 23MD
5116559 Color Printer UPD 55MD
5389822 Color Printer UPD 25MD
5224357 M4S-D Probe
5196216 3CRF Probe
5182312 M6C-D Probe
5212849 9L-D Probe
5410800 11L-D Probe
5410769 ML6-15-D Probe
5410798 L8-18: Linear Probe
5336208 S4-10 Sator Probe
5394804 S4-10-D Probe
KTZ157046 RSP6-16-D Probe
KTZ157043 RIC5-9-D Probe
KTZ156994 RNA5-9-D Probe
KTZ157037 RAB2-5-D Probe
5409287 C1-5-D Probe
5269878 S1-5 Probe
5438302 S1-5D Probe
5212417 IC5-9-D Probe
KTZ157038 RAB 4-8 4D Curved Array Probe
GE-3MIX M5S-D Probe
TE100024 P2D 2MHz CW Pencil Probe
TQ100002 P6D 6MHz CW Pencil Probe
KN100105 6Tc Multi-plane Cardiac TEE Probe
47236955 6S-DLP Phase Array Pediatric Probe
5405254 C2-9-D Probe
KTZ302502 RAB6-D Probe
5428393 C-1-6D Probe



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