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ge voluson 730 pro


GE Voluson 730 Ultrasound Parts
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GE Part Number Description
KTZ211001 Color Monitor 15” Light colored
KTZ211096 Color Monitor 15” Painted
KTZ208509 Monitor mount Shell
KTZ220039 Front Handle User Interface
KTZ207105 Probe Holder Kit V730
KTZ208256 Trackball top fixation ring
KTZ207102 Top Housing Kit V730
KTZ207111 Touchscreen, Display + Board Kit
KTZ207099 Trackball Kit V730
KTZ207103 GEU4-6 Operator keys kit
KTZ207115 GEU4-6 PC-Keyboard kit
KTZ207108 Left PWB kit for V730
KTZ207109 Right PWB kit for V730
KTZ207110 Slide Potentiometer kit for V730
KTZ154621 GEU1-2 User Interface AID without PS II
KTZ154606 GEU4-4b User Interface AID with PS II
KTZ154640 GEU5-5b User Interface AID with PS II
KTZ154660 GEU6 User Interface AID & PS II
KTZ207104 Bottom Housing kit of GEU
KTZ208082 Distance Rod on GEU
KTZ195510 CPN3 Primary Power Supply Module
KTZ195564 CPN4 Power Supply Module
KTZ195739 CPN5 Power Supply Module
KTZ195471 CPY3.P3 Power Switch
KTZ207574 Mains Power Input connector
KTZ208239 Fuse 10 Ampere 6.3 x 32
KTZ195440 KVN2 - Fan for Primary Power Supply
KTZ195400 GEF1-2d Main Board Chassis
KTZ195700 GEF3 Main Board Chassis
KTZ154678 Fan for GEF-box (2 fan)
KTZ154679 Fan for GEF-box (single)
KTZ195375 CPD3-3a.P3 Beamformer SUB-Board
KTZ195462 CPR4-4b.P4 Beamformer Board (up to A06353)
KTZ195645 CPR51.P6 Beamformer Board
KTZ195663 CWD2 CW Doppler Board
KTZ195723 CRW2.P2 CW Doppler Board
KTZ195406 CPZ2-2a.P2 Cover board
KTZ195592 CPZ50-50a.P3 Cover board
KTZ195497 CCM50.P7 Motor Control Board
KTZ195788 CCM55.P9 Motor Control Board
KTZ195324 CPC2-2f.P2 System Control Board
KTZ195654 CPC4.P4 System Control Board
KTZ195821 CPC5.P4 System Contorl Board
KTZ195439 CPF3-3a.P3 Color Doppler Board
KTZ195597 CPF10-10a.P4 Color Doppler Board
KTZ195750 CPF11.P5 Color Doppler Board
KTZ195414 CPG3-3c.P3 Mid-Processor Board
KTZ195594 CPG4.P3 Mid-Processor Board
KTZ195466 CPK3.P3 Motherboard V730
KTZ195822 CPK4.P3 Motherboard V730
KTZ195353 CPP2-2e.P2 Power Supply Board
KTZ195515 CPP3-3c.P3 Power Supply Board
KTZ195679 CPP4-4b.P3 Power Supply Board
KTZ195826 CPP5.P3 Power Supply Board
KTZ195417 CPU1-1d.P1 Probe Connector Board
KTZ195636 CPU5.P5 Module Board (BYM)
KTZ207402 AHA-2940U SCSI-II-Control Board
KTZ207973 BT948 (SCSI-Controller Board)
KTZ207034 CKV20.P2-21a.P3 Video manager Board
KTZ207593 CKV22.P3 Video manager Board
KTZ195463 CPE3.P3 Motherboard - Extension
KTZ195542 Motherboard Extension
KTZ195191 CPM2.P2 Motherboard (up to A06104) ***
KTZ195699 CPM3.P2 Motherboard (from A06105)
KTZ195415 CPS3-3a.P3 Scan converter Board
KTZ195596 CPS4.P3 Scan converter Board
KTZ207625 Harddisk (Systems with 850 MHz PC)
KTZ208799 Harddisk (Systems with 1 GHz PC)
KTZ207389 SBC- Single Board Computer PIII 133 MHz
KTZ207666 SBC-Single Board Computer PII/PIII
KTZ211332 Sony B/W Video Printer UP-895MD (CE)
KTZ195643 PPP55 Connection Set
KTZ211007 Mitsubishi B/W Video Printer P-91E
KTZ211357 Sony Digital Color Printer UP-D21MD
KTZ195776 PZP60 Connection Set
KTZ211060 Sony Digital Color Printer UP-D2600S
KTZ211352 Mitsubishi Digital Color Printer CP770DW
KTZ195486 PZP50 Connection Set
KTZ211317 Sony VCR SVO-9500 MD
KTZ211318 Sony VCR SVO-9500 MDP
KTZ195492 PRR50 Connection Set
KTZ211102 HP Line Printer HPdeskjet 990cxi
KTZ195749 PZP55 Connection Set
KTZ211107 HP Line Printer HP deskjet 995c
KTZ195882 PZP56 Connection Set
KTZ195351 AB2-5 Probe
KTZ195372 AB2-5GL Probe
KTZ195546 AB3-8 Probe
KTZ195354 AB4-8 Probe
KTZ194840 S-ACP4-7 Probe
KTZ195386 IC5-9 Probe
KTZ195530 SP4-10 Probe
KTZ195362 SP6-12 Probe
KTZ195531 SP10-16 Probe
KTZ195507 PA2-5 Probe
KTZ195511 PA4-7 Probe
KTZ195532 PA6-8 Probe
KTZ156736 RAB2-5 Probe
KTZ156738 RAB4-8 Probe
KTZ156767 RAB4-8P Probe
KTZ195533 RSP6-12 Probe
KTZ195242 RIC5-9 Probe
KTZ195534 RRE6-10 Probe
KTZ195540 PCW4.0 Probe
KTZ195538 SCW2.0 Probe
KTZ156606 S-VAW3-5 Probe
KTZ156685 S-VAW4-7 Probe
KTZ156664 S-VDW5-8B Probe
KTZ156662 S-VNA5-8B Probe
KTZ156695 S-VNW5-10 Probe
KTZ195339 S-VNW6-12 Probe



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