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GE Voluson e Ultrasound Parts
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GE Part Number Description
KTZ280191 Trackball GPU80 (W)
KTZ301928 GPU80 Keyboard Module (W)
KTZ301972 TGC Board GPU80 (W)
KTZ301973 Main Board GPU80 (W)
KTZ301974 Alphanumeric Set GPU80 (W)
KTZ301975 Functionkey Set GPU80 (W)
KTZ301981 Upper Cover GPU80 (W)
KTZ209075 GPU1-2c - Keyboard Module Assy ®
KTZ220896 GPU50 - Keyboard Module Assy
KTZ280067 GPU51 - Keyboard Module Assy (H)
KTZ196174 Trackball Kit (incl. trackball ring)
KTZ209076 AC/DC Adapter
KTZ220798 AC/DC Adapter inverse polarity protection
KTZ220326 Hard Disk Tray
KTZ154745 GPH1 - Hard Disk Module
KTZ302137 GPH5 - Hard Disk Module
KTZ220328 HD Module Flex cable
KTZ220278 GPA1 - Battery Pack Assy
KTZ302054 GPA5 - Battery Pack Assy
KTZ196132 LCD Display
KTZ301522 LCD15” AUO G150XG01
KTZ303362 LCD15” AUO G150XTN05.0
KTZ154744 GPD1 - Display Module
KTZ154782 GPD1-1a - Display Module
KTZ301515 GPD5 - Display Module
KTZ302150 GPD6 - Display Module
KTZ303389 GPD7 - Display Module
KTZ220318 Display Screw Caps
KTZ220308 BBDI Rigid Flex Assy
KTZ220302 LCD Backlight Inverter board
KTZ301524 Board RBD2.P3 Flex board
KTZ280157 Display Housing complete
KTZ220334 GPC1-1a - BackEnd (PC) Assy
KTZ220640 GPC2-2a - BackEnd (PC) Assy
KTZ280085 GPC3 - BackEnd (PC) Assy
KTZ302039 GPC10 - Back End (PC) Assy
KTZ196093 GPM1 - Probe and MUX Assy
KTZ300142 GPM2 - Probe and MUX Assy
KTZ300329 GPM3 - Probe and MUX Assy
KTZ301298 GPM4 - Probe and MUX Assy
KTZ301759 GPM5 - Probe and MUX Assy
KTZ301008 GPM50 - Probe and MUX Assy
KTZ196055 RBI1-1b.P1 - RF-Board
KTZ196095 RBI2-2e.P2 - RF-Board
KTZ196212 RBI3a.P3 - RF-Board
KTZ303113 RBI4.P4 - RF-Board
KTZ196094 RBF1-1b - “Beamformer” Board
KTZ196182 RBF2.P3 - “Beamformer” Board
KTZ196092 GPP2c - DC/DC Power Supply Assy
KTZ196134 GPP3 - DC/DC Power Supply Assy
KTZ300141 GPP4 - DC/DC Power Supply Assy
KTZ300947 GPP5 - DC/DC Power Supply Assy
KTZ302683 GPP6 DC/DC Power Supply
KTZ220389 Power Cord - USA Hosp.Grade
KTZ220579 Power Extender Cable
KTZ220569 Power Extender (Splitter) Cable
KTZ301990 Power Extender Cable 2 M
KTZ280036 Cable Kit
KTZ280033 Network Cable
KTZ220527 VGA cable for Secondary Monitor
KTZ301531 Cable Tree Voluson Station
KTZ280133 USB Cable Kit
KTZ280158 Cable Set LCD Display
KTZ220272 RBI to Base Board FLEX
KTZ220331 Base Board to Keyboard cable
KTZ280219 HDD Copy Adapter
KTZ211368 S-VHS Medical Grade VCR - NTSC
KTZ211369 S-VHS Medical Grade VCR - PAL
KTZ154759 DVD Recorder - PAL/NTSC (Sony DVO-1000MD)
KTZ196266 Video Scan Converter Kit
KTZ196266 Video Scan Converter Ophit
KTZ220507 Digital B/W Video Printer (Sony UP-D897)
KTZ302617 Mitsubishi B/W Printer P95D
KTZ211373 Digital Color Printer (Sony UP-D23MD)
KTZ302616 Mitsubishi Color Printer CP30D
KTZ220510 Line Printer Bluetooth
KTZ280057 Line Printer Destination Set
KTZ196002 Bluetooth Connection Set
KTZ196213 portable DVD Drive (Writer)
KTZ280218 portable DVD Writer 2
KTZ196267 USB Hub (D-Link DUB-H7)
2411544 USB Stick 512MB
KTZ220680 USB external Hard disk drive
KTZ220460 Medical Grade Power Supply
KTZ196282 Wireless Network Interface USA
KTZ220725 Battery Charger
KTZ196285 Modo Cart (without peripherals)
KTZ220885 Cable Clip M-Cart
KTZ220714 Isolation Transformer M-Cart
KTZ220886 Probe Holder Kit M-Cart
KTZ220887 Front and Rear Wheels M-Cart
KTZ196333 Fuses M-Cart
KTZ280045 Screw Kit
5131629 4C-RS
5434194 8C-RS
2290777 E8C-RS
5154514 12L-RS
KTZ157092 9L-RS*
H44901AC IC5-9W-RS
KTZ157007 RAB2-5RS
KTZ302893 RAB2-6-RS
KTZ157074 RAB4-8RS
KTZ157006 RIC5-9RS
KTZ157095 RIC5-9W-RS



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