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Mindray DC-6

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Mindray



The Mindray DC-6 ultrasound offers excellent performance and versatility through a complete range of imaging modes, software packages and transducers. This ultrasound system has been expanded to wider and more professional applications with features such as Smart3D, iScape View panoramic imaging, Free Xros anatomic M mode imaging, and trapezoid imaging.

Advanced imaging technology benefiting from MINDRAY's advanced image process technologies, the DC-6 provides brilliant color Doppler images and precise 2D imaging.

Efficient and Steamlined Work Flow dedicated to the development of an intelligent ultrasound platform, the DC-6 provides you with the most efficient and streamlined work flow. Outstanding ergonomic design from the intelligent image processing to one touch image optimization to the omni-directional monitor, the Mindray DC-6 simplifies the exam procedure and reduces the need for repetitive adjustments.



  • Image Modes: B, M, PW, HPRF, CW, CDFI, Power, DirPower
  • Image Modes, Special: Free Xros, iScape, Smart3D, Trapezoid imaging, Quad/Dual display, B/C Live, Duplex, Triplex mode for simultaneous B, Color/Power, and spectral Doppler
  • Small size, easy to transport
  • Network and plug-and-play connectivity with USB ports, two beside the panel and two on the back, for data transportation
  • 80G integrated hard disk
  • CD R/W
  • Ergonomic Design



Cardiac, Vascular, Abdominal, OB-GYN, Urology, Small Parts


Available Transducers:

3C5A, 7L4A, 7L5, 6CV1, 2P2, 3C1, 7LT4, 6LB7, 10L4, 7L6, 6LE7, 6C2


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