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Philips CX-50

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Philips



The Philips CX-50 offers premium class performance while being a portable ultrasound system and is consider the best portable ultrasound system money can buy in its class.



  • LCD Monitor
  • PureWave Technology
  • Digital Broadband beamfroming on a compact platform
  • SonoCT & XRES technologies bring a new level of clarity to portable ultrasound
  • 1 probe port
  • 20,000 digitally processed channels
  • Pulse Inversion processing
  • HPRF [High Pulse Repetition Frequency]
  • iScan [Image optimization]
  • SonoCT [Compound imaging]
  • Advanced XRES [Speckle noise reduction]
  • Active native data
  • Live compare
  • Stress Echo
  • QLAB
  • ROI [Region of Interest]
  • TMQ [Tissue Motion Quantification]
  • SQ [Strain Quantification]
  • IMT [Intima Media Thickness]
  • MVI [MicroVascular Imaging]
  • GI 3DQ [GI 3D Quantification]
  • ECG
  • Ethernet port
  • 2 USB ports
  • Video out port
  • Pedoff port
  • DVD RW



Cardiology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, General Imaging, Intervention Radiology, Regional Anesthesia, Vascular, Women's Healthcare, Pain Management


Available Image Probes:

S5-1 Sector Array
C8-5 Curved Array
L12-3 Linear Array
C5-1 Curved Array
C9-3v Curved Array
S8-3 Sector Array
S12-4 Sector Array
D5cwc CW (Pedoff)
X7-2t TEE
D2cwc CW (Pedoff)      


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