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Philips HD-9

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Philips



The Philips HD-9 Ultrasound system offers a wide range of capabilities while providing exceptional image quality in its class. The HD-9 is designed for small to medium size imaging centers, Doctors office and clinics that expect only the best image and performance of their ultrasound studies.



The HD-9 has an impressive list of capabilities & features that will help you improve your workflow:

  • 3D/4d Imaging capabilities
  • Live iSlice, which creates slices of a volume rendering to zero in on the region of interest
  • Breast elastography
  • Trimester-optimized Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation with aids in evaluating fetal heart anatomy and function
  • Tissue Specific Imaging which optimizes the system for the specific transducer and exam type, resulting in excellent image quality with little need for time- wasting adjustments



Abdominal, Breast, Cardiology, Critical care ultrasound, Emergency medicine ultrasound, Gynecological, Musculoskeletal, Neonatal, Obstetrical, Pediatric, Regional anesthesia, Small parts and superficial imaging, Urology, Vascular


Available Image Probes:

C9-4ec Curved Array
C8-5 Curved Array
C8-4v Curved Array
C6-3 Curved Array
C5-2 Curved Array
V9-4v Volume Curved Array
V7-3 Volume Curved Array
L12-5 50 mm Linear Array
L9-3 Linear Array
S4-2 Sector Array
D5cwc CW (Pedoff)
D2cwc CW (Pedoff)        


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