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Toshiba Nemio XG

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Toshiba



Toshiba Nemio XG is a fully digital, color, premium imaging system. It is compact, lightweight and portable, yet engineered with the latest technologies. The system is upgradable to help further expand diagnostic capabilities and enhance clinical insight.

The Nemio XG offers image quality equal to that of a high-end system, providing sharp, crisp images that improve visualization of even the smallest details. The Nemio XG's customizable control console and interface ensure a streamlined and flexible workflow, and complete network connectivity speeds information delivery and expedites a higher quality of patient care.

Nemio XG offers excellent 2-D imaging and color-flow imaging as well as pulsed-wave and continuous-wave Doppler.



  • ApliPure the next generation of real-time compound imaging technology using both spatial and frequency compounding simultaneously to deliver images of outstanding clarity and detail resolution.
  • Quick Scan - For one-button optimization of the 2-D image. Equalizes thousands of image points, forming an image with balanced tissue brightness throughout the field of view.
  • Quad Signal Processing provides high temporal resolution without sacraficing image quality. Processes four times more raw data in Color Doppler imaging, resulting in faster frame rates.
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF) adds superior resolution to Color Doppler and depicts even tiny vessels or flow around plaques with outstanding accuracy and detail.
  • SonoSet - Carry out routine exams by executing freely programmable protocols simply with the touch of a button. SonoSet also combines multiple operations into a single keystroke. This unique tool can make standard scans easier and a lot faster.
  • Free Cursor -This function allows the user to select and change items on the monitor. Up to four items can be register as a quick launcher also to simplify workflow.
  • True Triplex Imaging -Implement 2-D, color-flow mapping and pulsed-wave Doppler modalities simultaneously while maintaining a high degree of temporal resolution.
  • Smart Trace - Automatically traces Spectral Doppler waveforms yielding velocity measurements which are accurate, reproducible and reliable.
  • Porgrammable Measurements - Sonographers can program their own measurements for all applications in addition to the standard measurement package.



Tee, Stress Echo, Small Parts, OB/GYN, Musculoskeletal, Cardiac, Abdominal

Available Transducers:

Sector heart PSM-25AT, Sector heart PSM-30BT, Sector heart PSM-37AT, Sector pediatric heart PSM-50AT, Sector pediatric heart PSM-70AT, Sector abdomen PSM-37CT, Sector TCD PSM-20CT, Convex abdomen PVM-375AT, Convex cardiac PVF-381MT, Convex abdomen PVF-575AT, Convex neonatal head PVM-662AT, Linear vascular PLM-503AT, Linear peripheral vascular PLM-703AT, Linear small parts PLM-805AT, Linear small parts, breast PLM-1204AT, Linear MSK intraoperative PLM-1202S, Linear abdomen (biopsy) PLF-308P, TEE PEF-510MA, TEE PEF-510MB, TEE pediatric PEM-508SC, TEE pediatric PEM 508MA, Pencil PC-19M, Pencil PC-50V, Endocavity PVF-620ST, Endocavity OB/GYN PVM-621VT, Endocavity OB/GYN PVM-651VT, Endocavity biplane PVM-740RT, Endocavity biplane PVL-715RT, 4D OB PVM-375MV, Annular array SMA-736SA, Laparoscopic Convex PVM-787LA, Laparoscopic Linear PEF-704LA, Intraoperative Convex PVF-738H, Intraoperative Convex PVF-738F, Intraoperative Convex PVF-745V


Available Parts:

(Listed by Manufacturer Part Number)

Probes: Description:
PVM-375AT Convex Transducer
PVM-662AT Convex Transducer
PVF-381MT Adult Heart/Abdomen Transducer
PVM-651VT TV Transducer
PVF-620ST Convex Transducer
PVM-740RT TR Convex/Convex Transducer
PVL-715RT Rectal Biplane Transducer
PLM-703AT Linear Transducer
PLM-805AT Linear Transducer
PLM-503AT Linear Transducer
PLM-1202S Linear Transducer
PLM-1204AT Linear Transducer
PSM-30BT Adult Heart Transducer
PSM-50AT Sector Transducer - Cardiac
PSM-20CT Sector Transducer
PSM-37CT Sector Transducer
PSM-70AT Sector Transducer - Cardiac
PEF-510MA Transesophagael Transducer - Cardiac
PLF-308P Linear Transducer
PVF-738H Convex Transducer
PVF-738F Convex Transducer
PVF-745V Convex Transducer
PC-19M Pencil Transducer - Cardiac
PC-50V Pencil Transducer - Peripheral Vascular
PVM-375MV/AE 4D Transducer


Common Parts: Description:
BSM31-3075 PALM
BSM31-3076 KBDL
BSM31-3078 SKBD
BSM31-6157 LSPS
BSM31-6160 PCCW
BSM31-6167 BCDP
BSM31-6169 ECRX
BSM31-6170 ETXR
BSM31-6171 AVCT
BSM31-6172 AVPN
BSM31-6410 P156
BSM31-6413 FERX64
BSM31-6559 PCXX-3P
BSM31-6953 SWRG
BSM31-6954 LNFL
BSM31-6956 CPCT
BSM31-6957 LCD Monitor
BSM31-6958 DVDV
BSM31-6961 HDDV
BSM31-7955 ADMB /W HDD



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