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Toshiba Xario XG

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Toshiba



The Toshiba Xario XG system features unique, clinically proven technologies for unsurpassed image quality. A full range of imaging functions lets operators precisely visualize minute cardiac and vascular structures for fast, accurate diagnosis.

Toshiba Authorized DealerToshiba Xario XG brings premium technology to an affordable, upgradeable platform. Xario combines the highest level of performance with ergonomic design to meet fast-paced demands with speed and diagnostic confidence. Xario XG's powerful system architecture, with intelligent components that communicate and work autonomously, supports the most advanced imaging functions.

Xario XG offers unsurpassed image quality backed by unique, clinically proven technologies. Its full range of imaging functions allows visualization of minute tissue details and vascular structures with precision for faster, more accurate diagnoses.

With Xario XG, comfort and efficiency translate into higher productivity. Xario XG's user interface provides ultra-fast operation with push-button simplicity, and is programmable for flexible response to user preferences or clinical needs.                        



  • ApliPure the next generation of real-time compound imaging technology using both spatial and frequency compounding simultaneously to deliver images of outstanding clarity and detail resolution.
  • 4D imaging adds a valuable new dimension to diagnostic ultrasound consisting of clear, continuously updated 3D images.
  • Quick Scan For one-button optimization of the 2-D image. Equalizes thousands of image points, forming an image with balanced tissue brightness throughout the field of view.
  • DICOM connectivity - Supports all seven DICOM service classes using a non-proprietary format to connect to all kinds of hospital networks.
  • Ergonomic User Interface
  • Programmable key functions and exchangeable key tops make main panel customization easy.
  • Central palm controller allows access to all major functions with minimal hand movement.
  • Mode-sensitive, color, touch command screen simplifies selection of advanced functions.
  • Elevating panel and monitor adjust quickly to operator eye-level and posture.
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow - Provides high-resolution color imaging of microvessels within tumors and organs. Provides superior resolution as compared to conventional color or power Doppler by applying the same ultra-high bandwidth normally used in grayscale to Doppler signal processing



Cardiac, Vascular, General Radiology

Available Transducers:

Linear PLT-1204AX, Convex array PVT-375AX, CW pencil PC-20M, Pediatric esophageal PET-508 MA, Adult TEE Transesophageal PET-510MB, Linear array PLT-604AT, Linear TH vascular PLT-704AT, Linear TH small parts/musc. PLT-805AT, Intraoperative PLT-1202S, Linear small parts/breast/musc. PLT-1204AT, Sector transcranial PST-20CT, Adult echocardiography PST-25AT, Multi sector TH PST-30BT, Abdominal & OB/GYN PST-37CT, Sector pediatric cardiac/neonatal PST-50AT, Sector pediatric heart/neonatal PST-65AT, Abdominal OB/GYN PVT-375AT, Convex endovaginal PVT-661VT, Biplane ER PVT-770RT, Convex array PVT-375BT, Convex array PVT-382BT


Available Parts:

(Listed by Manufacturer Part Number)

Probes: Description:
PVT-575MV 4D Transducer
PVT-382MV 4D Micro Convex Transducer
PLT-1204MV 4D Linear Transducer
PVT-681MV 4D TV Transducer


Common Parts: Description:
BSM31-3234E Battery Pack
BSM31-4618-25 PALM SW
PM30-35930 IO-ASSY
PM30-35897*C 1 TI
PM30-32732*D 1 TX
PM30-32733*E 1 RX
PM30-35065*B 2 RC
PM30-32741*H 1 BE
PM30-32742*E 2 VP
PM30-33110*G Power Supply Assembly
PM30-35912*A 1 CPU Assembly
PM30-34564 1 4D CPU Assembly
BSM31-5314-01 Upper Panel Assembly
BSM31-5314-02 Lower Panel Assembly
BSM31-5314-04 Full Keyboard
BSM31-8615 DVD Drive
BSM31-9022 LCD Monitor
PM30-34305*A Rack Fan Assembly
BSM31-7129-16 Lever
PM30-36395 PSF Assembly


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